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Inspirational Leather Bracelet "Nothing is impossible the word itself says {I’m} possible"

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Now isn't that a great way to look on the word that would otherwise set limits on you. This sentence lifted the limitations and in a very witty way found the possibility in the world that says otherwise! I absolutely fell in love with the quote because so many times we go through life with people institutions society and so forth telling us what we may dream of believe in and hope for is impossible.... and so the next time someone tells you what you aim for is impossible tell them the word itself says "I'm possible" go on about your way doing and *being* the impossible! Leather Bracelet Plate Material: Alloy Plated with 925 Sterling Silver Lobster clasp.


  • Leather
  • Alloy plated with 925 Sterling Silver
  • Lobster Clasp


30 Day Warranty