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Kushed Hand Poured Essential Oil and Hemp Oil Candles - 6oz 7oz 13.5oz or 20oz

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Hand Poured Coconut and Hemp oil candles with cotton wicks for a cleaner & longer burn. These candles are incredibly seductive and transformative; soft florals and delicate soothing spices create a stimulating fragrance that is both relaxing and uplifting.


  • Hand-poured
  • High grade
  • Cotton wick
  • Earth-friendly
  • Clean burning
  • Contains no THC
  • Superior coconut wax blend
  • Infused with exotic essential oils and premium fragrances

Sadhu - Sandalwood plumeria. Subtly infused with notes of Indian musk wild rose and frankincense.

White Witch - Honeysuckle jasmine. Subtly infused with notes of golden amber cassia and cut grass.

California Dream - Patchouli tuberose. Subtly infused with notes of chocolate mint anise and juniper.

Panama Red - Red currant blood orange. Subtly infused with notes of mangosteen bergamot and neroli.

Lemondrop - Lemon basil. Subtly infused with notes of lime sage and soft woodsy cedarwood.

Lavender Kush - Lavender clary sage. Subtly infused with notes of peony fern and violet.

Cream Caramel - Moroccan coffee caramel. Subtly infused with notes of cardamom vanilla and sugar musk.

Queen Green - Fresh-cut grass. Subtly infused with notes of ylang-ylang rosewood and mandarin.

Tangerine Dream - Tangerine & clove bud.
Subtly infused with notes of cassia ginger and myrrh.

Creamiscle Kush - Citrus mandarin & vanilla.
Subtly infused with mandarin and vanilla to create a refreshing aroma.


  • 6 oz pour - up to 25 hours burn time
  • 7 oz pour - up to 40 hrs burn time
  • 13.5 oz pour - up to 75hrs burn time
  • 20 oz pour - up to 100 hrs burn time


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