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Shemtag Tritan BPA Free Water Bottle With Screw Cap - 30oz 900ml

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The Shemtag Tritan Water Bottle will surely prove itself to be your best partner in your efforts against dehydration. The unique frosted outlook of the bottle gives it a bold and alluring appearance so that you can stay hydrated while sporting great looks with your cool water bottle. Constructed using the incredibly strong Tritan material that is scratch resistant as well as impact-resistant which ensures that this bottle will last you a long time. The handle on the bottle is specifically designed with a finger adjusted bracket for a comfortable grip allowing for extremely convenient and easy carrying. The Shemtag Tritan Water Bottle boasts an enormous water capacity that is just enough to keep you hydrated all day long without being a nuisance to carry around as well.


Functional Carry Handle - Should you choose to carry your bottle by the handle you'll be surprised to find how comfortably it sits on your fingers. That's because we've designed the handle with finger notches for easy carrying.

Connected lid - Remember all those times you accidentally spilled a bottle during a picnic or family outing because you couldn't find that damned lid? Not anymore!

Large capacity - Dehydration is a real threat. Always make sure you have enough fluids with you when you're out and about with family or friends. Able to hold 900mL (30 fl.oz) dehydration is no longer a problem.

BPA-Free for your safety. Being able to withstand liquid temperatures up to 110 C (230 F) means that your safety is important to us. Lab testing has proven that there is no risk of BPA in your hot liquids.

Material: Polycarbonate


30 Day Warranty