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Smart Band Sport Watch - Black

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Stay in shape while staying connected on the go. Starting a new fitness regimen can feel like a chore. Look forward to your workouts with the wearable tech that will monitor your progress and help you achieve the results you want. Oshen Watch features an IP67 rating which means it is waterproof for all kinds of situations. No matter how much you sweat or how you choose to work out Oshen Watch goes where you go to support your fitness and helps you to make the most of your fitness routine. Intelligent Function for Instant Gratification The advanced 4.1 Bluetooth technology gives you instant hands-free access to your music collection telephone calls text messaging and more. The Oshen Watch biometric sensors monitor everything from your heart rate and blood pressure to the quality of your sleep. Record your jogging distance count your steps and calculate the total amount of calories you’ve burned in seconds. Ready to go No batteries required. Simply plug in the Oshen Watch to top it up using the included micro-USB cable. Enjoy up to 96 hours of normal use on a single charge. Accessible No matter whether you prefer Android or Apple products Oshen Watch syncs easily with all devices. The interface is streamlined and simple for anyone to use. For work and play Business or casual Oshen Watch is adaptable. Wear it for outings with friends or whenever you work. Oshen Watch is comfortable durable and designed for everyday use.


Monitor your health – Biometric sensors automatically measure your heart rate blood pressure blood oxygen and even your sleep quality.

Crush your fitness goals – Track your progress with apps designed to count your steps record distances and calculate all those calories you burn.

Stay in touch – Receive notifications for phone calls and text messages without even touching your phone.

Connect to any device – Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology lets you sync with any iOS or Android device wirelessly. I might get one for my wife who has an iPhone.

Go all day long – The long-lasting battery provides about 96 hours of normal use and up to 15 days of standby time.

Super high value – Insanely good price for the latest top-quality technology. You will be so happy with Oshen Watch you’ll want to purchase two or three more for family members or friends. And with this amazing deal you’ll be able to afford them easily.


30 Day Warranty